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Point into pictures & discuss the details

Your client shares a Pinterest board full of kitchens and you wonder, "what exactly is it you like."

Use Ponga and your client can point into pictures. Skip over lingo and engage them in the details they care about. Dazzle them with your genius — and spare yourself the guesswork.

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With Ponga, you or your client can point to select details, then add comments and closeups. Connect websites, documents, and videos with links. Now that pile of pictures are specific, actionable, and a productive part of your workflow.

Ponga is a little like Google docs, but for pictures. It's cloud-based, and pictures are links. Comments, replies, and approvals are shared automatically with everyone on a project. Everyone gets the memo and is on the same page.

Your client uses Pinterest? Import an entire pin board with the click of a button. It's a great way to get started. Your questions can be specific, pictures retain the links back to Pinterest so you can follow-up with specs or purchasing detail.

Shared publicly or privately, sets of Ponga pictures channel discussions into specific and actionable details. Feedback gets out of email to become a productive part of your existing workflow. Sets operate like project rooms with sticky notes automatically organized. As comments are made, stakeholders can reply in context and everyone is notified.

Today, web-based images are a vital part of your process. Sites you use to search and buy might let you markup images, but doodles don't do details. Only Ponga lets you go layers deep.

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